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Government Contracting Consulting Team


Are you entering into contracts on behalf of the government? Are you looking to do business with the government? At Certified Contract Solutions, our team of experienced consultants guides you through every stage in the life cycle from solicitation to award to performance, helping you contract with confidence.

Challenges Facing Government Contracting Today

Whether you're a government buyer, its prime contractor, or a subcontractor, you face a landscape of tightening budgets and constant regulatory changes. One mistake can lead to serious setbacks.
At Certified Contract Solutions, we make contracting, contract performance, and compliance with rules, regulations, and clauses clear and simple. Our experts give you up-to-date legal expertise while minimizing your risks. And with over 42 years of experience rooted in government and industry knowledge, we help you make better business decisions.

Services to Contract With The Government

Government Contracting Services


Given its size and the use of public funds, government contracting is extremely bureaucratic and highly regulated. This makes it risky for the unprepared. It can also be very profitable and stabilizing for those who know how to manage the risk. We lead you through the labyrinth to successful outcomes.

Government Contracting Training Services


The dynamic world of government contracting requires constant training and recertification. Keep your contracting professionals current on the laws, regulations, and procedures with tailored classes to address your most common issues and audit hot-spots. Our instructors receive consistent excellent ratings with demonstrated participant retention. Bring the best to your organization.

Government Contracting Speaking Services


Apart from formal training, there are occasions when the team needs a particular message. The right message delivered in the right way and in the right context can be powerfully motivating and informative. Communication is a key leadership quality. We help you deliver the message that your diverse team needs to hear.

Government Contracting Litigation Services


CCS understands those aspects of contracting that can lead to litigation and the very specific types of litigation available for disputes with the government. CCS can assist you in understanding and selecting a strategy and tactics to address them. CCS also serves as a Daubert-qualified expert witness on government contracting matters.

Why Choose Us

Certified Contract Solutions is your one-stop shop for dealing with the complexity of government contracting. Here's why:


Our consultants have over 42 years of practical, immersive experience in law, finance, management, and federal contracting.


Landing a government contract comes down to building strong, smart, and informed relationships with decision-makers. Our team helps you identify those key players and make your pitch.


Anyone can do business with the government, but doing it well requires sophisticated leadership skills. Our team of consultants and trainers delivers unique training and mentoring that leaves you with better negotiators and sustained leaders.


Familiarity with all of the latest federal laws, regulations, and procedures is key to success in government contracting. Our consultants will help you save time and deliver consistently outstanding results with solid preparation and compliance disciplines.

Client Testimonials

We have amazing clients. Here are some of their feedback

“Excellent presentation of Contract Material that is sometimes complex to understand and can be boring. The instructor kept our attention and made the experience enjoyable with a lot of personal relevant experience.”


NPS Termination and Claims Participant

“Despite the time constraints, relative to the amount of information to cover, Mr. Reid did an excellent job in answering questions from the class and ensuring full participation and understanding of each intern.”


Fiscal Law Student

“This is one of the best classes I have taken. Very organized, very detailed and could tell the instructor put a lot of effort into this. Thank you! “


NPS Client

“Believe me when I say we consider you a godsend. Our dad has always said the only effective way to lead is by example -- and this team will, by following your lead, be transformed….Thank you for your finesse and willingness to serve with distinction.”


S.B. / SDVOB Client

“Instructor was Awesome. Very Knowledge about Contract law. Tom Reid is an excellent teacher who not only delivers the material in an interesting way, but also reinforces the subject so that retention occurs.”


S.B. / SDVOB Client

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Our Government Contracting Publications

  • The Basis of Estimate eBook

    Government Contracting

    The Basis of an Estimate

    The most common concern expressed during proposal preparation is, “What is the right price? We explore this topic in our latest publication.

  • CCS | Pros & Cons to Government Contracting

    Government Contracting

    The Pros and Cons of Government Contracting

    It may seem simple, but the first question is always the hardest of all: should you be doing business with the government? Learn more in our ebook.

Our Contract Consulting Process

Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves, and responds to your specific government contracting needs.

1. Get A Free Consultation

We listen—really listen—as you outline the challenges facing your government contracts at any stage of the procurement process.

2. Identify Your Needs

Whether it's tactically pricing your bid or scheduling in-person training, we find opportunities for growth and show you how to attain them.

3. Make a Plan

Armed with smarter strategies and well-defined needs, our team will show you how to set and meet quality goals while increasing your bottom line.

Win your next government contract with CCS!

Tell us what challenges you're facing contracting with the government and we will reach out to discuss possible solutions.

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Our team consists of highly motivated and skilled specialists who know how to deal with any issue that you may come across. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual understanding. We are devoted to creating unique and innovative solutions along with high-quality supporting services.

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