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When training your team, you have to decide if you merely want to be compliant and measure "butts in seats" or whether you want to improve the skills and knowledge of your team for them to apply to your projects every day. At CCS we have been training the government and its contractors for over 42 years. We understand how adults learn best and we can provide extensive real-life examples and case studies to solidify these lessons into useable skills.

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Every acquisition presents a new challenge. Which decision-makers do you need to pitch your products too? How do you effectively close a deal? And how do you keep pace with constant regulatory changes?
But that's not all. When training your team, you're tasked with making another key decision: do you want to be merely compliant and measure "butts in seats," or do you want to improve the actionable skills and knowledge of your team altogether?
These are all the right questions to ask, but the answers are never easy. That's why Certified Contract Solutions provides a vast array of classes spanning governmental contracting, contract management, specific FAR sections, and DCAA highlights. Whether you're looking for intensive, week-long workshops or a custom presentation on a problem your business is facing, our team has over 35 years of experience in law, finance, and contract consulting to answers these questions with clarity and real-world lessons.




    Negotiation is a skill needed by all contracting professionals and sustained leaders. There is both science and art to professionally practicing win-win negotiations and getting the deal you need. We use Getting to Yes as a guide; our negotiation training covers all aspects of the negotiation process. In short sessions on targeted tactics or techniques to weeklong workshops, our instructors transfer skills and techniques your team needs.


    Leadership is among the core competencies of all contracting professionals. Based on Sustained Leadership WBS, our training is custom-tailored for each client and to each participant to guide them on their individual leadership journey. Unlike many development programs that emphasize styles or trends, our program provides practical and intensive study to help each individual become the best version of themselves, positioning them to advance to roles of increasing responsibility.


    Federal regulations cover almost 50 different topics related to the contracting process from need identification to closeout. The extensive experience of our outstanding instructors provides comprehensive knowledge and brings real-world experience and examples into the classroom for each aspect of the acquisition cycle. We provide contract management disciplines and best practices to participants who can immediately apply compliant methods and processes to their current assignments.


    The use of public funds and the need for transparency in acquisition makes the entire process highly legalistic and often complicated. The best acquisition practitioners strive to understand the “why” behind many actions they are required to take. Our highly rated instructors make fiscal law (or appropriation law), conflicts of interest, ethics, dispute resolution, and closeout easy to understand and apply within the government contracting sphere.

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