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With more than 42 years of practical experience in government contracting, CCS brings highly qualified and experienced talent to address your contracting issues. For businesses of any size, and with any level of experience in dealing with the government (including those who are just exploring the market), we offer outstanding support to fill your emergent and niche needs from proposals to administration to compliance to disputes to closeouts. We have seen it all and can save you considerable time and expense by bringing our talent to bear on your needs.

  • CCS | Government Contracting Services


    Disciplined contract management and compliance tracking are crucial for success in all government contracting arenas. CCS guides and trains your team to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness while improving your bottom line.

  • CCS | Government Contracting Training Services


    Doing business with the government means learning the ins and outs of legal ecosystems. Our vast array of highly-rated custom classes and presentations will keep you one step ahead of the rest.

  • CCS | Government Contracting Speaking Services


    Contract solutions require strong leadership, negotiation, and communication skills. To build better leaders, we help you master these abilities and maximize shareholder value. From keynote to breakouts, we bring expert delivery with vast practical experience to your seminar or conference.

  • CCS | Government Contracting Litigation Services


    No one enjoys disputes. Sometimes legal actions must be taken to preserve your rights. We offer expert guidance and subject matter expertise to your litigation. And when necessary, offer fully Daubert-qualified expert testimony to your litigation team.

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