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The market is full of opportunities for contractors, but given its massive size and complexity, pitfalls lurk around every corner.
With lessons learned across 35 years of experience, Certified Contract Solutions offers practical strategies whether you're a small, mid-size, or large business. And as a team of problem solvers, our keen insights into government compliance and contract management help you become the most competitive bidder on the market.




    The government likes compliance. It provides something they can measure to determine whether its contractors meet the standard or not. All government contractors must be very detailed in their approach to compliance and be able to clearly prove they have met the standards. Whether your company is subject to an audit of its 6 major business systems (Accounting and Billing, Estimating, Property Management, EVMS, Purchasing System, and Materials Management), or complying with the many clauses contained in a government contract, it is wise to periodically assess your systems and ESPECIALLY before making any changes. Certified Contract Solutions is broadly experienced in compliance reviews for all aspects of government contract performance.


    Depending on the method of solicitation, a complaint response to a government request could be as simple as a quoted amount and as complex as a multi-volume detailed explanation of how you would perform to each element of the contract. Certified Contract Solutions has the tools and resources to assist, backstop, review, or lead your proposal effort. From compliance matrices to response to discussion questions, Certified Contract Solutions provides competitive and responsive support at each step in the process.


    The complexity of a government contract, with so many differences from a commercial contract, presents enormous performance challenges and traps for the unwary. From the kick-off meeting to closeout, from clause compliance to managing changes, from claims to terminations, Certified Contract Solutions has the knowledge and experience to assist with problem avoidance and resolution.


    Many contractors new to government contracting are wise to start as a subcontractor. For the prime contractor, often 60 to 80 percent of the total effort will be performed by subcontractors. This presents challenges for both parties. Certified Contract Solutions has extensive experience in developing sources; ensuring that subcontract relationships are properly documented; the contract contains all the necessary flow-downs from the prime, and time frames are properly scheduled to support the prime's master schedule. Subcontractors are usually a critical part of the contracting team. It is important to have clarity in how the relationship is defined.

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We provide a wide range of services to meet any contractor situation.

With more than 35 years of experience in the field, and almost 20 years operating as CCS, there are few contractor situations we have not seen. Our clients have been large, medium, and small businesses. They have been preference holders of all stripes including VOSB, 8(a), HUBZone, Women-owned, and all other types of preferences. Our clients have sold rockets, missiles, light bulbs, information technology, telecommunication, commodities, drugs, and a vast array of other items used by the government. Our clients have also sold A&E services, IT services, cleaning services, audit services, and many, many others.
While certain goods and services are handled in specific ways, the three methods of acquisition never change. We can help any supplier of any good or service, of any size, whether they hold a preference or not. It is all part of the government acquisition process. CCS can help get you started, help you put your best proposal forward, help you mitigate risks, help you avoid and resolve performance problems, and help you administer your contract, file claims, deal with terminations, and properly perform closeout activities after the physical completion of the contract. If you want, or have, a government contract, CCS is the teammate you most want in your corner.

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New to the process? The government can be both a lucrative and formidable client. There are many differences between routine commercial contracts and the highly regulated government contracting process. There are many traps for the unaware, and also many positives for the diligent and compliant contractor. Let CCS guide you through the minefields and help you maximize your bottom line.

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