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A great speaker will enliven anything from a staff meeting, to a keynote, to a breakout session, to a class. If your need covers any aspect of government contracting and its many related topics, we can deliver a talk that will educate, entertain, encourage, and enlighten.

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How can you build strong yet ethical relationships with government buyers? What qualities turn contractors into savvy, respected leaders? How can you negotiate with both rigor and humility?
These are just a few questions that hound businesses marketing to the government. Fortunately, our team at Certified Contract Solutions knows how to build better leaders. With impeccable credentials and demonstrated results, our speakers come to you and deliver custom, evidence-driven presentations. Best of all, we tackle your company's biggest challenges at the most competitive rates you'll find anywhere. Just tell us how we can help.




    Keynote presentations deliver a focused intentional message. Negotiation skills apply in business and in life generally. The best negotiators are perceived as better leaders and certainly contribute positively to a bottom line and other objectives.
    Prepared Presentations:
    ● Ethics in Negotiations: the importance of entering every negotiation with your character intact; the importance of leaving every negotiation with your character intact.● Negotiations Never End: The importance of having a negotiation mindset to direct more positive outcomes


    Keynote presentations deliver a focused intentional message. Instilling a leadership mindset throughout your organization is the single most important task of a leader.
    Prepared Presentations:
    ● Leadership Development is Broken: without proper development, leaders can never mature and we will be stuck in the current endless loop of choosing non-leaders to fill leadership positions.● The Complexity of Leadership: seven habits or 5 key things are fine, but when you have identified 229 discrete elements of leadership, the magnitude, and importance of the journey becomes clear (and produces leaders who can fill leadership positions).


    Keynote presentations deliver a focused intentional message. Government contracting is highly regulated within a massive bureaucracy. It takes professional competence to navigate this lucrative market.
    Prepared Presentations:
    ● So You Want to Become a Government Contractor: Having the largest global purchaser of goods and services as a client can be fearful and intimidating. It can also be quite profitable – if done right. ● The 5 Most Common Errors in Government Marketing: Unlike commercial marketing, the process of proposing to work for the government has many differences and possible pitfalls. Be forewarned. It will better position you for success.


    Keynote presentations deliver a focused intentional message. The protection of the public purse and the requirement for the full and open competition is manifest in a large body of law that differs significantly from commercial law practices.
    Prepared Presentations:
    ● Government Contract Law: this is not your father’s commercial law environment. Critical differences can create big problems for the unaware.● The Constitutional Underpinnings: In government contract law, the contracting officer holds the vast authority to speak for the United States. This authority and the responsibility that goes with it can be traced to the Constitution itself.

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From Seattle to Canaveral, from Boston to Phoenix, and from Yellowstone to Houston, Tom Reid has presented substantive talks on the full range of government prime and subcontracting topics. His classes are always well received and his speaking always receives outstanding reviews. Regardless of format, length, or content, CCS can professionally address your contracting and related issues to enlighten, entertain, engage, and educate your team.

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