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The Basis of Estimate

The Basis of an Estimate.

The most common concern expressed during proposal preparation is, “What is the right price?” This is a difficult question to answer in the abstract because the final pricing is the culmination of every single factor that goes into proficient contract performance.

  • Pros and Cons of Government Contracting

    Government Contract

    Pros & Cons to Government Contracting

    It may seem simple, but the first question is always the hardest of all: should you be doing business with the government?

  • Leadership As a Core Competency eBook

    Government Contract

    Leadership As a Core Competency

    You may be surprised that “Leadership” has been removed from the core competencies of both the 1102 series (Contracting Officers and specialists) and for those who serve as Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs). Does the government not want anyone in those positions to demonstrate leadership as a core competency?

  • The formality of Government Contracting

    Government Contract

    How Does the Formality of Contract Operations Improve your Bottom Line?

    This white paper provides a series of scenarios and case studies reflecting the work performed by CCS on behalf of its clients. When you are serious about efficient use of your expertise and ability to serve the government's best interests, you seek the best contracting talent you can find.

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