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At Certified Contract Solutions, you won’t waste time getting our team up to speed on your industry’s goals and challenges. We understand the complexities of the current business and regulatory environments. By sharing that expertise, we make our clients the most competitive bidders on the market.
Our team offers comprehensive advice to businesses across a variety of industries. We’ve assisted firms like Ball Aerospace & Technologies, KBR, DynCorp International, NPC Robotics, Softec International, Avaya, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
We stay up to date in the dynamic world of government contracting - its rules, laws, regulations, procedures - all of it. And we are outstanding instructors for the government and its contractors. Keep your staff properly trained and certified.

Despite its size, government contracting is extremely bureaucratic and highly regulated. And profitable. We lead you through the labyrinth to successful outcomes.

Thomas G. Reid

Thomas G. Reid

For more than 42 years, I've worked in government contracts and business operations, staying up-to-date every step of the way. I hold a B.A. in English, an M.S. in Public Administration., and a J.D. having focused on business law.
Over the course of my career, I spent seven years as a federal attorney. I went on to become a senior executive in various capacities, serving large and small businesses in areas like contract management, business development, training, and leadership development. I’ve engaged in legal and litigation management, strategic planning, and oversight of multi-million dollar business operations. I’ve even spoken internationally on many of these subjects.
I've been admitted to the Bar in Texas and licensed to practice before the US Court of Federal Claims, as well as the US Supreme Court.
One of my proudest accomplishments was the founding of Certified Contract Solutions (CCS) in 2002. Since then, I've provided contract training and management; developed leadership seminars; consulted; offered expert testimony; and spoken about regulatory development, mentorship, and marketing services to the federal government, its many contractors, and their subcontractors.
Above all, my favorite occupation is and has always been “Problem Solver." After more than 35 years of practice, I'm ready to help you solve yours.

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Our Values

It's simple: we streamline government contracting by creating strong leaders and lasting relationships.
Working with the government can be a long, bureaucratic headache. But what if we could change these negative perceptions? At Certified Contract Solutions, we believe doing business takes more than a strong sense of the law. It requires good character, compassion, great communication skills, and commitment. Our team strives to embody these principles while helping our clients do the same.
Together, we turn contracting into connections and personal growth.

Our Amazing Clients

Department of Health and Human Services USA
United States NAVY
National Park Service
BWXT Pantex
Field Services Unlimited
Ball Aerospace
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