Government Contracting Litigation Services

Government Contracting Litigation

CCS understands those aspects of contracting that can lead to litigation and the very specific types of litigation available for disputes with the government. CCS can assist you in understanding and selecting a strategy and tactics to address them. CCS also serves as a Daubert-qualified expert witness on government contracting matters.

Unbeatable Government Contracting Litigation Experience

Tom Reid is a licensed attorney (Texas) and qualified to practice before the courts of Texas, the US Court of Federal Claims, and the US Supreme Court. He does not, however, "hang out the shingle" seeking litigation clients. He has always served in the role of a legal counselor and advisor. When he started CCS in 2002, it was with the specific intent to continue in the role of counselor and not as a litigator.
Despite this, he has spent his share of time in courtrooms. As a corporate counsel, he would hire outside counsel to handle specific matters and all litigation. He would sit "second chair" on occasion as he managed the litigation and advised the outside counsel on positions the client (the corporation) wanted to be presented. He has gained vast courtroom experience and is positioned to assist in the management of government contract litigation that involves your business operations.
More recently, his vast knowledge and experience have caused other attorneys to call on him to serve as an expert witness involving their clients' litigation. His vast network of contacts and associates makes him a "go-to" resource when they have the proverbial "quick question" or just to share ideas and approaches to contract issues or potential litigation or protests.




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    As a trusted advisor, Tom often advises clients on the wisdom of pursuing litigation or protests against the government. His experience allows him to identify a less costly and perhaps quicker resolution to problems. With acute knowledge of the entire government contracting process and the breadth and depth of authority given to government contracting officers, he can often assist in negotiating a solution short of litigation. If a protest or litigation seems appropriate, his network of qualified litigators can guide a client to what might be a once in a lifetime relationship with appropriate counsel. At the option of the client, he can stay engaged or can release the entire matter to the litigation team. In most cases, outside counsel seeks to maintain the relationship and continues to rely on Tom's expertise. All of this is done with full disclosure and permission of the client.


    Once litigation or a protest has been initiated, Tom Reid is uniquely positioned to help the client understand the processes and steps. He has been retained to oversee the litigation without needing to enter an appearance as counsel in the litigation. In this way, he can efficiently and effectively assure the litigation team is fully informed and properly briefed on client desires and intents.
    Litigation is very rigidly schedule driven and data must be exchanged in a full and complete manner. It is important to know what to ask for as well as what to provide. Having a trusted guide through a strange and unusual process can make the experience less stressful.

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