Leadership As a Core Competency eBook

Leadership As a Core Competency

You may be surprised that “Leadership” has been removed from the core competencies of both the 1102 series (Contracting Officers and specialists) and for those who serve as Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs). Does the government not want anyone in those positions to demonstrate leadership as a core competency? Hardly, but in typical government fashion, it takes some digging to understand what actually happened.

What, No Leaders in the Government?

Core competencies are specified for all GS positions. Historically they were divided between “Technical’ and “Leadership.” The technical competencies covered the subject matter of the position. For contracting officers and specialists (as well as the CORs) that included an understanding of the FAR and the overall procurement processes.

Suddenly the “Leadership” competencies disappeared and we were told directly by several contracting officers that they could not get approval for any leadership development classes. This seemed very odd to us, so in our typical style, we started digging.

How to Get Approval for the Critically Needed Leadership Development

Here’s How to Get Approval for the Critically Needed Leadership Development

All is not lost! The government clearly needs strong leadership across all agencies, departments, and the members who serve in leadership positions in all three branches of government. (Remember: Simply holding a leadership position does not make you a leader!!) This white paper walks you through the process of understanding core competencies for both 1102s and CORs.
It points out where the old “leadership” competencies now appear and provides a crosswalk of each one to the elements of Sustained Leadership WBS, the preeminent book on leadership development, used by CCS in their leadership development programs. Those seeking internal approval will find this white paper useful and persuasive. Reach out to CCS to schedule your training from this copyrighted source or to discuss using the OTA process for this unique and mission-critical support.

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